Die, My Love (Ariana Harwicz)

Die, My Love

Author: Ariana Harwicz
Translators: Sarah Moses & Carolina Orloff
List: Open Option, Translated (Argentina)
Year of publication: 2017
Pages: 128 (½)
Goodreads: Die, My Love





In a forgotten patch of French countryside, a woman is battling her demons embracing exclusion yet wanting to belong, craving freedom whilst feeling trapped, yearning for family life but at the same time wanting to burn the entire house down. Given surprising leeway by her family for her increasingly erratic behaviour, she nevertheless feels ever more stifled and repressed. Motherhood, womanhood, the banality of love, the terrors of desire, the inexplicable brutality of another person carrying your heart forever Die, My Love faces all this with a raw intensity. It s not a question of if a breaking point will be reached, but rather when and how violent a form will it take


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