The Flying Mountain (Christoph Ransmayr)

The Flying Mountain

Author: Christoph Ransmayr
Translator: Simon Pare
List: Open OptionTranslated (Austria)
Year of publication: 2018
Pages: 336
Read by students: 0
Goodreads: The Flying Mountain





In a publishing world that is all too full of realist novels written in undistinguishable prose, discernable only by their covers, The Flying Mountain stands out—if for no other reason than that it consists entirely of blank verse. And that form is most suitable for the epic voyage Christoph Ransmayr relates: two brothers leave the south-west coast of Ireland on an expedition to Trans-Himalaya, the land of Kham, and the mountains of eastern Tibet—looking for an untamed, unnamed mountain that represents perhaps the last blank spot on the map.

As they advance towards their goal, the brothers find their past, and their rivalry, inescapable, inflecting every encounter and decision as they are drawn farther and farther from the world they once knew.

Only one of the brothers will return.

Transformed by his loss, he starts a life anew, attempt to understand the mystery of love, yet another quest that may prove impossible.

The Flying Mountain is thrilling, surprising and lyrical by turns; readers looking for something truly new will be rewarded for joining Ransmayr on this journey.



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