Goodreads & Rook Reading

Goodreads ( is a social website for book readers. Students keep their English novels for their reading list on a separate shelf so the teacher can see what they have read, are reading, or want to read. The list on goodreads is not final. Students are allowed to make changes.

Students should add “Rookreading” to their friends’ list. They will be placed in a goodreads class group. Non-students who want to friend ‘Rookreading’ will be added to a separate list.

Students can indicate on which page they are while reading, but this is not mandatory. However, they have use the shelves ‘read’, ‘want to read’ and ‘currently reading’ well. Also, they have the option to install the goodreads app on your smartphone.

The Rook Reading website offers the following information:

  • Pre-modern, modern classic, and recent prize winner lists
  • Rankings: what have students read from the previous years till now?
  • Blurb texts of novels.
  • Youtube reviews of the novels.
  • Theory that was handed out in class.
  • Novel labels to indicate the level.
  • Poetry into Prose assignment (due in module 3)

Every novel has a link to goodreads, so it can easily be addeed to the ‘want to read’  list. Rook reading also works with tags. If students are looking for World War II novels, they can search by tag name and the site will show all the novels set in World War II.

The website is quite new, new novel are added every week. Make sure you check the website from time to time, especially around literary prizes announcements.

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