The Projects

In module 1, 3, 4 and 5 students do projects connected to a certain topic. For these topics students receive points which add up, together with points for poetry assessment, to a portfolio mark (weight 2 in PTA).

Students acquire points by participating in class, doing assignments and final assessments. These assessments could be writing an essay, stories, and poetry, or doing a presentation. Whenever a student scores a “well done” for a project, he or she may absolve the novel from their literature oral exam.

Module 1 – Orpheus

“Write an essay in class in which you compare one theme from the Orpheus myth with your read novel (the power of music, unaccepted death, fleeting nature of happiness, and love and trust). With the comparison you show an understanding in the similarities and dissimilarities between the Orpheus myth and the novel.”

Module 2 – The Development of the Novel

“Write four flash fiction stories in a different literary style connected to the Neo-classical age, Romantics, Victorian age, and Modernism. No novel is connected to this project.”

Module 3 – Dystopia

“Explore the forewarning (dehumanized life, natural world banished, illusion of a perfect world, controlling propaganda, conformity good dissent bad, constant surveillance, freedom restricted, or worshipped concept or leader) of your dystopian novel.”

Module 4 – War

“All war novels ask the readers to consider difficult, complex ideas that affect people from all walks of life. War stories force readers to empathize or sympathize with combatants or victims. Write a short essay which considers the question how a / the character in your novel is affected by war. The essay is written and handed-in in class.”

Module 5 – Identity

to be announced

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