• Orpheus

    Orfeo (Richard Powers)

    Orfeo Author: Richard Powers Project: Orpheus – power of music / love and trust Year of publication: 2014 Pages: 400 Goodreads: Orfeo     “Combining music with science leads to [...]
  • Orpheus

    Amsterdam (Ian McEwan)

    Amsterdam follows the lives of two former friends, a composer and a newspaper editor, as they navigate a moral dilemma triggered by the death of a mutual lover. The story [...]
  • Orpheus

    The Cellist of Sarajevo (Steven Galloway)

    The Cellist of Sarajevo Author: Steven Galloway Project: Orpheus – power of music Year of publication: 2008 Pages: 235 Goodreads: The Cellist of Sarajevo     “A survival novel about [...]
  • Orpheus

    Jane Eyre (Charlotte Brontë)

    Jane Eyre Author: Charlotte Brontë Year of publication: 1847 Project: Orpheus – love and trust Pages: 507 Goodreads: Jane Eyre   [download]    
  • Orpheus

    Life after Life (Kate Atkinson)

    Life after Life follows the story of Ursula Todd, who is born multiple times, each life offering a different trajectory. The novel explores the concept of reincarnation and the impact [...]
  • Orpheus

    The Book Thief (Markus Zusak)

    The Book Thief follows the story of Liesel Meminger, a young girl living in Nazi Germany during World War II. With the power of words and a stolen book, Liesel [...]
  • Orpheus

    Western Lane (Chetna Maroo)

    Western Lane Author: Chatna Maroo List: Recent Prize Short List (Shortlist, Man Booker 2023) Project: Orpheus | fleeting nature of happiness | unaccepted death Year of publication: 2023 Pages: 160 [...]

Project Orpheus

Project Dystopia

The Wall (John Lanchester)


The Wall Author: John Lanchester List: Open Option (Man Booker Longlist 2019) Project:  dystopia – government / environmental / social injustice Year of publication: 2019 Pages: 276 Goodreads: The Wall          

Project war

A God in Ruins (Kate Atkinson)

Recent Prize Winner

A God in Ruins Author: Kate Atkinson List: Recent Prize Winner Project: war – World War II Year of publication: 2015 Pages: 468 Goodreads: A God in Ruins