• Identity

    The Nickel Boys (Colson Whitehead)

    The Nickel Boys Author: Colson Whitehead Project: Identity – Racial Identity List: Recent Prize Winner (Pulitzer Prize 2020) Year of publication: 2019 Pages: 212 Goodreads: The Nickel Boys     [...]
  • Identity

    The Chosen (Chaim Potok)

    The Chosen Author: Chaim Potok Project: Identity – Religious Identity Year of publication: 1967 Pages: 304 Goodreads: The Chosen            
  • Identity

    Orlando (Virginia Woolf)

    Author: Virgina Woolf Project: Identity – Sexual Identity Year of publication: 1928 Pages: 252 Goodreads: Orlando              
  • Identity

    The Sellout (Paul Beatty)

    The Sellout Author: Paul Beatty Project: Identity – Racial Identity Label: Recent Prize Winner Year of publication: 2015 Pages: 304 Goodreads: The Sellout      
  • Identity

    Americanah (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)

    Americanah Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Project: Identity – racial  / hybrid cultural Year of publication: 2013 Pages: 477 Goodreads: Americanah              
  • Identity

    Waiting for the Barbarians (J.M. Coetzee)

    Waiting for the Barbarians Author: J.M. Coetzee Project: Identity – Racial Identity Year of publication: 1980 Pages: 152 Goodreads: Waiting for the Barbarians            

Project Orpheus

Project Dystopia

The Wall (John Lanchester)


The Wall Author: John Lanchester List: Open Option (Man Booker Longlist 2019) Project:  dystopia – government / environmental / social injustice Year of publication: 2019 Pages: 276 Goodreads: The Wall          

Project war

A God in Ruins (Kate Atkinson)

Recent Prize Winner

A God in Ruins Author: Kate Atkinson List: Recent Prize Winner Project: war – World War II Year of publication: 2015 Pages: 468 Goodreads: A God in Ruins