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    The Nickel Boys (Colson Whitehead)

    The Nickel Boys Author: Colson Whitehead List: Recent Prize Winner (Pulitzer Prize 2020) Year of publication: 2019 Pages: 212 Goodreads: The Nickel Boys        
  • Open Option

    Sarah’s Key (Tatiana de Rosnay)

    Sarah’s Key Author: Tatiana de Rosnay List: Open Option Project: war Year of publication: 2006 Pages: 306 Goodreads: Sarah’s Key     “In this two part intertwined novel a young [...]
  • Open Option

    The Year of the Flood (Margaret Atwood)

    The Year of the Flood Author: Margaret Atwood List: Open Option Project: dystopia – environmental / corporate rule Year of publication: 2009 Pages: 434 Goodreads: The Year of the Flood [...]
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    The History of Love (Nicole Krauss)

    The History of Love Author: Nicole Krauss Year of publication: 2019 Pages: 255 Goodreads: The History of Love Project: Orpheus            
  • Open Option

    The Buried Giant (Kazuo Ishiguro)

    The Buried Giant Author: Kazuo Ishiguro List: Open Option Year of publication: 2015 Pages: 317 Goodreads: The Buried Giant Project: Orpheus            
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The New Wilderness (Diane Cook)

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The New Wilderness Author: Diane Cooke List: Recent Prize Winner (Man Booker Short List 2020) Project: dystopia – environmental / government Year of publication: 2020 Pages: 416 Goodreads: The New Wilderness “A dystopian and environmental [...]

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The Wall (John Lanchester)

Open Option

The Wall Author: John Lanchester List: Open Option (Man Booker Longlist 2019) Project:  dystopia – government / environmental / social injustice Year of publication: 2019 Pages: 276 Goodreads: The Wall          

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