I Never Promised you a Rose Garden (Joanne Greenberg)

I Never Promised you a Rose Garden

Author: Joanne Greenberg
List: Open Option
Year of publication: 1964
Pages: 288
Goodreads: I Never Promised you a Rose Garden







I Never Promised You a Rose Garden is the story of a sixteen-year-old who retreats from reality into the bondage of a lushly imagined but threatening kingdom, and her slow and painful journey back to sanity.

Chronicles the three-year battle of a mentally ill, but perceptive, teenage girl against a world of her own creation, emphasizing her relationship with the doctor who gave her the ammunition of self-understanding with which to help herself.

“I wrote this novel, which is a fictionalized autobiography, to give a picture of what being schizophrenic feels like and what can be accomplished with a trusting relationship between a gifted therapist and a willing patient. It is not a case history or study. I like to think it is a hymn to reality.” —Joanne Greenberg



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