Open Option

Toby’s Room (Pat Barker)

Toby’s Room Author: Pat Barker List: Open Option Project: war Year of publication: 2012 Pages: 256 Goodreads: Toby’s Room     “Toby died in the trenches of World War I. Toby’s room is about the […]

Open Option

Empire of the Sun (J.G. Ballard)

Empire of the Sun Author: J.G. Ballard List: Open Option Category: war Year of publication: 1984 Pages: 279 Goodreads: Empire of the Sun     “Autobiographical story about surviving and growing up in a Japanese […]

Open Option

Regeneration (Pat Barker)

Regeneration Author: Pat Barker Label: Open Option Category: war Year of publication: 1991 Pages: 256 Goodreads: Regeneration     “Civil disobedience occurs when duty conflicts with conscience. Set during World War I, though no shot […]

Open Option

Butcher’s Crossing (John Williams)

Butcher’s Crossing Author: John Williams List: Open Option Year of publication: 1960 Pages: 274 Goodreads: Butcher’s Crossing     “A Western about the loss of the Frontier; full of adventure, hardship, and comradery. About seeking […]

Recent Prize Winner

Reservoir 13 (Jon McGregor)

Reservoir 13 Author: Jon McGregor List: Recent Prize Winner Year of publication: 2017 Pages: 291 Goodreads: Reservoir 13     “How does a community move on after a recent tragedy? A novel that reflects the […]