Cold Mountain (Charles Frazier)

Cold Mountain tells the story of Inman, a Confederate soldier who deserts the army during the Civil War to make his way back home to Ada, the woman he loves. The novel explores Inman’s arduous and treacherous journey across war-torn landscapes, encountering various hardships, dangers, and colorful characters along the way. It portrays the physical and emotional challenges he faces as he strives to reunite with Ada amidst the chaos and devastation of the war.

Author: Charles Frazier
Project: WarAmerican Civil War
Year of publication: 1997
Pages: 449





Plot Complexity: moderate
Language Complexity: moderate
Ideas Complexity: moderate

Cold Mountain can be classified as a novel with a Green Label in terms of language, ideas, and plot complexity. The language used in the book is moderately complex, employing a range of vocabulary and sentence structures that go beyond the basics. The ideas explored are thought-provoking, delving deeper into certain themes and requiring some contemplation. The plot features a balance between simplicity and intricacy, incorporating multiple story lines and twists that engage the reader without overwhelming them.


Cold Mountain is a novel about a soldier’s perilous journey back to his beloved near the Civil War’s end. At once a love story & a harrowing account of one man’s long walk home, Cold Mountain introduces a new talent in American literature.

Based on local history & family stories passed down by Frazier’s great-great-grandfather, Cold Mountain is the tale of a wounded Confederate soldier, Inman, who walks away from the ravages of the war & back home to his prewar sweetheart, Ada. His odyssey thru the devastated landscape of the soon-to-be-defeated South interweaves with Ada’s struggle to revive her father’s farm, with the help of an intrepid young drifter named Ruby. As their long-separated lives begin to converge at the close of the war, Inman & Ada confront the vastly transformed world they’ve been delivered.

Frazier reveals insight into human relations with the land & the dangers of solitude. He also shares with the great 19th century novelists a keen observation of a society undergoing change. Cold Mountain recreates a world gone by that speaks to our time.

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