A Long Way Down (Nick Hornby)

A Long Way Down follows four strangers who coincidentally meet on New Year’s Eve atop a London building, all with the same intention of ending their lives. Instead, they form an unlikely bond and make a pact to stay alive for at least six weeks, navigating their shared struggles and discovering unexpected connections along the way.

Author: Nick Hornby
Project: Orpheusfleeting nature of happiness
Year of publication: 2006
Pages: 368





Plot Complexity: moderate
Language Complexity: light
Ideas Complexity: moderate

A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby can be evaluated as a Green label novel. The language used in the book falls within the lower end of the Green category, with relatively simple and easily understandable language. The plot presents a moderately complex structure with layered storylines, offering a satisfying level of depth. The ideas explored are thought-provoking, though not overly intricate, making it accessible to readers with a B2 level of language proficiency. Overall, it strikes a balance between complexity and readability, providing an engaging reading experience.


Meet Martin, JJ, Jess, and Maureen. Four people who come together on New Year’s Eve: a former TV talk show host, a musician, a teenage girl, and a mother. Three are British, one is American. They encounter one another on the roof of Topper’s House, a London destination famous as the last stop for those ready to end their lives.

In four distinct and riveting first-person voices, Nick Hornby tells a story of four individuals confronting the limits of choice, circumstance, and their own mortality. This is a tale of connections made and missed, punishing regrets, and the grace of second chances.

Intense, hilarious, provocative, and moving, A Long Way Down is a novel about suicide that is, surprisingly, full of life.

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