This website is meant as a resource for my (Dutch) ESL students to choose the right novels for their reading list. The students are between 15 and 19 years old. I often get the question […]


Critical Thinking & Bloom’s Taxonomy

Critical thinking is the set of intellectual skills and psychological habits that you need to solve problems, discover truths and clearly communicate. Critical thinking entails: Solving Problems: see from multiple perspectives, recognize patterns, produce solutions, […]


Novel questions

In the second part of their oral test, students will get questions on their eight novels. This will take about ten minutes. Not all novels will be asked, though the questions could be on any […]



During the assessment students you need to compare two novels of your own choice for five minutes. This is a monologue in English and is to be prepared. The comparison should show that they have […]


Goodreads & Rook Reading

Goodreads (www.goodreads.com) is a social website for book readers. Students keep their English novels for their reading list on a separate shelf so the teacher can see what they have read, are reading, or want […]


Reading Journal

Students have to keep a reading journal. A reading journal is personal. They decide how to approach the journal, but they need to be able to show it to their teacher. A reading journal contains […]


The Rules

The following rules apply to students of the Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden taught by Mr de Jong.┬áThe rules are meant to guide the students in their choice of novels. Their reading list should show sophistication, variety […]