Reading Journal

Students have to keep a reading journal. A reading journal is personal. They decide how to approach the journal, but they need to be able to show it to their teacher. A reading journal contains notes about their novels to help them to remember their personal experience and to reflect on what they have read.

Students decide which form their journal will have. Here are some options for them to consider:

  • A paper notebook.
  • An office document.
  • A journal app on your phone (make sure you are able to export the information for your teacher).
  • A blog/website.
  • A YouTube channel.
  • An Instagram account.


Students decide what they write in their journal and how much, but it should show they have put some time and effort into it. They can write while reading the novel or when they finished it. They can enter general ideas or specific reactions to scenes and characters. Students should be aware that their writing is a reflection, they should not write a summary. There are plenty of websites which save them the time of writing a summary. Students shouldn’t forget that personal reading experience is an important part of their test.

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