Labels (beta)

Labels are a way to indicate the heaviness of a novel. This is a combination of size, use of language, subject matter, reading comprehension and ideas. To indicate novels in such a system is very difficult and controversial. What may be an easy read for one, might be a difficult read for somebody else. However, I do get the question a lot if a novel is allowed on the reading list and how ‘strong’ it is. This system might help students in answering that question.

The terms ‘heavy’ and ‘light’ tell by no means the quality of the novels. They give a rough indication on how strong your list is for your assessment. These labels are also under continuous debate, so students should feel free to defend novels which deserve heavier labels. The system is under beta.

Reading strong novels does not automatically give a student a higher mark for their assessment. They still need to understand the novels and talk about them. If the student is weaker in English or reading in general, they could even get a higher mark for lighter novels defended well than heavier novels defended poorly. However, if the student is an avid reader and strong in English they have the opportunity to shine with blue and purple labeled novels.

Students can read green labeled novels and above without a ‘compensation’ For every orange labeled novel students need to read at least one blue or purple labelled one.


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